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Workshops in Nepal

As part of our sustainability policy and our aim to help the local population directly through tourism, we have created some of the finest workshops Nepal has to offer. The benefits of these workshops are that the artisans and traditional craftsmen get a direct income through tourism and you as a tourist have a unique chance to get in touch with the traditional handicrafts Nepal has to offer. As this is a pioneer project we currently only offer workshops in the city of Bhaktapur. Depending on the results and outcomes we will expand to other cities and places aroung Nepal.

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Woodcarving Workshop Woodcarver at Work



Unleash your handy craft skills and join a traditional woodcarving workshop in Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is world famous for its wood carvings, so why not learn the skills of this artisan yourself.» Read More



Ceramic/Pottery Workshop Artisan at Work


Get your hands dirty and join this exciting pottery workshop. This workshop will be given at the heart of the pottery center in Bhaktapur, Pottery Square.» Read More



Thanka Painting Workshop Thanka Paint


If you are an arty person or just like to use your creativity then you will certainly enjoy this workshop which will let you unleash your creativity and give you an insight in the traditional Buddhist painting world. » Read More



Cooking Workshop Dal Bhat



Ever wondered how to make the rich and tastefull Nepali and Newari food? Grab your chance now as this cooking workshop offers you the chance to learn cooking one of the traditional Nepali and Newari dishes such as: Dal Bhat, Momo's, curries etc.» Read More