Great Wall Nepal Pvt. Ltd. - Volunteering in Guangzhou, China




Through our partner network, we introduce you the most locally run volunteer organization in Guangzhou, one of the commercial cities of China located on North Road, Liwan District. The organization is run by the local Chinese group who has years of experience on social-work with an international background. Volunteer Initiative China (VIC) has a range of volunteer projects in China including Teaching English and Special Needs care. VIC mainly focuses its projects in Guangzhou and planning to expand its projects to all over China in the near future.


Why volunteer in Guangzhou, China?


  • Local Organization: As a locally established organization we know how to run the projects responsibly and have sustainable positive impacts on locals' lives.
  • Affordable fees: We want to give you maximum satisfaction with the most affordable fees. You can enjoy your time with a minimum amount in a distinct culture.
  • Support: Our team will support you anytime you need help - from planning to your departure.
  • New friendships: the friendly local people and other volunteers who have similar thought like yours will become your friends.
  • Free Weekend: You can enjoy your weekends free to explore China on your own or with your newly made friends.
  • Your satisfaction: As a local organization, we are more focused on your satisfaction providing you an opportunity to enjoy your volunteering work with an exquisite experience that you bring home back for your life-time memory.


English Teaching Volunteering:


As a vast majority of Chinese students want to explore the world outside. For this they want to learn English and you as a volunteer can help provide opportunities to hundred of Chinese students. This will enrich their knowledge and give you a unique perspective on this incredible country. You do not need any formal qualification because our focus is on conversational English. Your sound English background is enough.
As a volunteer, whether you are volunteering during your gap period, career break or an extended holiday, you will have an important role to play teaching in one of our partner school. You will be supported by our local staff.
The students are from various levels from primary to secondary. This opportunity is not only concerned on teaching, it enhances your experience. It will give you a unique perspective of China's generous hospitality.
There is a strong desire among the students to learn English from Western teacher. You will realize the real value of being a teacher in China; traditional values are still in China so teachers are well respected. The students are excited to learn. The sizes of classes vary from ten to forty students aged from 6 to 18.
As a teacher you can plan a variety of lessons for your students. Based on the topics, you can use role-play, debates and games to encourage students to speak and develop their vocabulary. Make learning fun and enjoyable.