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Volunteering in Schools in Nepal and Teacher Training

Great Wall Nepal provides the opportunity to be together with the students of different levels and share your knowledge with them. As a volunteer you will enjoy teaching in a complete new atmosphere .Of course you will come across with several challenges while dealing with the students from different background. You will experience the differences between the students from your society in comparison to Nepalese society which will provide you valuable experience in your life.

As a volunteer, it is important for you to understand the things from Nepalese perspective. Sometime there can be misunderstanding between you and children or the other local staff. Thus you need to have a good interaction and sort out the major reasons of your misunderstanding.

As a Volunteer you can assist with teaching at pre-school, primary, lower secondary and higher secondary levels. At any level, volunteer teachers can teach any of the core subjects such as English, mathematics, science, social sciences, and can initiate extra-curricular activities such as art, music, sports and drama. A teaching qualification is required to teach at secondary level. Professional teachers, TEFL holders, educational charity workers and professional trainers are well placed to teach English and reading classes to Nepali students at secondary and higher secondary levels.

If you are well qualified and experienced teacher and have desire to share your skills, we will provide you an opportunity as trainer for teachers in Nepal. Requirement

Program requirements:

  • No major health problems
  • Eligible to obtain a tourist visa to Nepal
  • A teaching qualification is not required for pre-school, primary and lower secondary teaching
  • A teaching qualification is required for secondary teaching
  • A university degree is required for higher secondary teaching
  • A university degree is required and training skills is required for trainers

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