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Cycling in Nepal

When thinking about Nepal almost everybody connects Nepal with trekking. This of course is not without reason. With eight out of the world's ten highest peaks Nepal is a trekking country pur sang. On the other hand, the link between cycling and Nepal is much less common. Although it may seems as a surprise to many, Nepal has some splendid opportunities for cycling.

Nepal offers a diversity of terrains, from the plain Terai to the high Himalayas, exploring these different terrains by mountain bike adds a whole new perspective to your trip. There are many of "hidden" paths to discover. These paths will lead you to non touristic places where cars and trekkers don't reach.

Great Wall Nepal now offers you a selection of the finest guided mountain bike trips. Some of which we are currently still discovering ourselves. At the moment we have four packages available. During 2011 we will expand these packages with our newest and finest tours. Feel free to contact us and ask us about our newest tours.

All our tours are carried out with an accompanying guide annex expert mechanic and medical backup. Our bikes are high class (Trek, Fuji, Giant etc.) well maintained bikes which guarantee a satisfactory ride. For your own safety we provide you with a free helmet which we strongly recommend you to use at all time.

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