Great Wall Nepal Pvt. Ltd. - Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a relatively new player on the tourism market in Nepal, Great Wall Nepal strives to become one of the bigger players in the field of sustainable tourism within the next few years. Eventually Great Wall Nepal will become the biggest sustainable tourism related company in Nepal. In order to reach this goal Great Wall Nepal is intensifying its activities in the field of sustainable tourism. The first step in this process is to implement and enhance the concept of sustainable tourism in the existing products. Within the field of sustainable tourism a rough division between natural and social sustainability can be made.

Statistically seen Nepal is one of the world's poorest countries. Especially in the social field, there are many opportunities within Nepal where tourism and thus Great Wall Nepal can contribute in fighting poverty and improving living standards. Great Wall Nepal is currently developing a network of small scale local NGO's through which Great Wall Nepal plans to support the local population in the areas where Great Wall Nepal has developed its tourism activities.

How does Great Wall Nepal help?

In the present situation tourism barely contributes to income of the local population in the most frequented trekking areas. This is caused by trekking companies who use foreign or non local staff and purchase all products outside Nepal or within the Kathmandu Valley. Consequently not all Tea house lodges are owned by the local population but by larger (international) companies. Great Wall Nepal makes use of locally owned lodges instead of resorts owned by third parties and tries to cooperate and involve the local population as much as possible. In the areas where it is unavoidable to use external products or employees Great Wall Nepal compensates this by organising medical check-ups for the local population and setting up a health campaign in order to let the local population benefit from trekking tours organised in their living area.

In the urbanised areas also just a small proportion of the population benefits from the income generated by the steady tourism flow. Mainly because tourists frequently make use of international hotel and restaurant chains. Great Wall Nepal encourages its clients to make use of local home stays and restaurants. Many of these home stays provide quality services, additionally the better local restaurants fully comply with all western standards. Despite this high quality standard the interest in local tourism facilities is limited. Great Wall Nepal is currently developing a database of small-scale local home stays. In the near future it will be possible to book these home stays through the website of Great Wall Nepal. In case you still wish to spend the night in an international hotel chain, than Great Wall Nepal will offer you to donate a small amount of money to a local charity when booking the hotel room.

Passive Contribution

When booking a roundtrip, trekking or any other kind of service at Great Wall Nepal there are two possibilities by which you can contribute towards sustainable development. The first possibility is the so called passive contribution. By this we mean that your visit to Nepal will contribute to sustainable development, but that this will be done in the form of a financial contribution. Great Wall Nepal will use 20% of the nett profit of your tour for charitatative purposes.
These purposes include:

  • Free medical check-ups for local population in trekking area's
  • Donation to charities working across Nepal
  • Send a child to school" programmes
  • Community Awareness Programmes
  • Wildlife and Nature Conservation Projects

Active Contribution

In stead of contributing passively you may also chose to actively participate. When choosing for active contribution your trekking, roundtrip etc. can be combined with a voluntary project. Of course it is also possible to solely visit Nepal for volunteering. This form of tourism is also referred to as voluntourism. Nepal with its many charity organisations offers many possibilities for this special form of tourism. Great Wall Nepal has a wide network of local projects that are looking for a helping hand. When you tell us about your personal interests and interest field we are sure that we can find a volunteer position that matches your personal interest. At the moment most of our projects are concentrated around the Kathmandu Valley. By the end of 2011 Great Wall Nepal strives to offer voluntourism in the Everest and Annapurna Region. During 2012 voluntary projects throughout the other regions of Nepal will follow. Please take a look at our special pages for Voluntourism for more information about this remarkable form of tourism.