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Mountain Flight in Nepal

Views on the Himalayas during a Mountain Flight

Best Month: Mar-Apr/ Sep-Oct

The Himalayas, the world’s largest and highest mountain range, is for many people the ultimate destination. Not for all of them a mountain trek is an option due to a lack of time, money or physical abilities. All these barriers can easily be taken away by boarding one of the mountain flights.
A mountain flight takes you right to highest mountains and deep into the Himalayas leaving you with nothing but an awe-stricken silence. From the plane windows all peaks and including the Mount Everest can be gazed upon. The flight is a unique experience as you will come to face the worlds most famous mountains.
Mountain Flights typically last an hour and take place in the early morning when the air is at its clearest. The mountain flights are offered by different Domestic Airlines in Kathmandu Valley operating their small but safe aircrafts.. The Everest flight is a sparkling clear journey across the world’s highest peaks, Mt. Everest - world’s highest peak (8848 m) and other ranges of Himalayas – Gauri Shankar (7134 m) Nuptse (7855 m), Lhotse (8516 m), Amadablam (6812 m), Chamlang (7319 m), Makalu (8463 m), Cho Oyu (8201M) to name a few including the Roof of the World - Tibetan Plateau.
Great Wall Nepals can arrange the mountain flight for you, for more information or bookings just visit our office or contact us.


Although there are several airlines offering the mountain flight, Great Wall Nepal, recommends Buddha airlines. The video below, produced by Buddha Airlines gives you an impression of the Mountainflight.