Great Wall Nepal Pvt. Ltd. - The Team


Great Wall Nepal consists of a board of directors who each have there fields of speciality within the daily operation of Great Wall Nepal. We are a young and dynamic team always on the look for new innovations in the tourism industry. What all of us have in common is a passion for Nepal and sustainable tourism.


Mr. Anir

Anir Prasad Kayastha is our Sustainability Director and is as such responsible for the implementation of implying the concept of sustainable tourism into practice.

Mr. Anir Prasad Kayastha is a graduate from Breda University of Applied Sciences, NHTV, The Netherlands and specialised in sustainable tourism development. Mr. Anir has also completed BA (Bachelor in Arts) from Tribhuban University, Nepal. After completion of his study in Nepal, he devoted his time by becoming an active member of a local project which goal was to promote tourism locally like the concept of home stay. Mr. Anir Prasad has also acquired practical and professional knowledge getting involved with several seminars and discussions during the course of his study in NHTV which enriched his perspective. Thesis was written on the factors in underdevelopment of tourism in Bhaktapur Municipality, Nepal for the completion of his degree. Mr. Anir gained additional practical experience whilst on internship at one of the biggest tour operators in Nepal.


Mr. Bed

Bed Prasad Uprety is our Research & Development Director and is as such responsible for the overall Development of Great Wall Nepal. He is also responsible for developing tour packages which promote the concept of sustainable development.

Mr.Bed Prasad Uprety has already accomplished his research on Sustainable Ecotourism Development and Community Welfare of Shivapuri National Park, Nepal during his study period which provided him with an insight on this phenomenon. Mr. Bed Prasad Uprety has obtained his International Degree from Breda University of Applied Science, NHTV, the Netherlands and specialised in sustainable tourism development. Mr. Bed Prasad already has two years experience in the tourism field during which his responsibility was to develop tour packages.

In addition to the iternational degree Beid also obtained his Master in English Litarature (MEG).


Mr. Rudy

Rudy van Bruggen is our Marketing Director. As Marketing Director he is in charge of the website development, online marketing and all other marketing matters. He is also the contact person for all European travellers and tour operators who are interested in the products Great Wall Nepal has to offer.

Mr. van Bruggen is a graduate from the NHTV University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands Breda. He graduated the International Tourism Management and Consultancy programme with a written thesis about the Tourism Potential of Assam, India. An intensive field study there was the base of the thesis.

Mr. van Bruggen gained additional practical experience whilst on internship in Suriname(South-America) where he carried out a tourism development project in accordance with a local NGO(PAS) and the UNDP. The main requirements to this project were the sustainability and empowerment of the local community.

Whilst following his studies and after graduation he worked at a traffic and tourism research company where he was responsible for the coordination and progress of the projects carried out there. View Rudy van Bruggen's profile on LinkedIn After graduation his direct responsibility was to coordinate the biggest research in public transport in The Netherlands.