Great Wall Nepal Pvt. Ltd. - The Company


Great Wall Nepal is a privately owned tour company and is an officially registered business in Nepal. Great Wall Nepal is registered in the chamber of commerce and also has all necessary tourism licenses to carry out its business as a tour operator. Great Wall Nepal entirely supports the principles and philosophy of sustainable and responsible travel and offers you various and diversified trips to show that it is possible to provide an excellent tourism experience with quality service whilst following the principles of sustainable tourism. In this way we donít only provide a memorable experience to the traveller, but also make tourism a memorable and constructive experience for the locals. We aim at improving the standard of living for the local communities, decreasing the level of poverty and of course protecting the Environment. This is done by creating interaction between the local communities and our clients, as well as donating a certain percentage of our toursí profit to the local communities involved.

In the present context it is quite indispensible to pursue the vision of making Nepalís tourism sustainable in terms of concern for the environment and the welfare of local populations. We, the combination of Nepali and international alumni who are specialised in International Tourism management and Consultancy from NHTV, Breda, the Netherlands and highly experienced experts in tourism field in Nepal, imply this concept into practice. It is obvious that, unless tourism is practiced responsibly and in harmony with the environment, it can lead to uncontrolled development, cultural exploitation, habitat destruction, waste and pollution.



To develop a competitive and sustainable tourism offer, which is based on the concept of: Responsible Tourism with ethic and professionalism. Guaranteeing the maxim satisfaction to the client and the development of the sustainable tourism, creating an inter-cultural opportunity among the Tourist and the communities, promoting the conservation and sustainability of local culture and environment.



To be the number one tour operator in Nepal in the field of Sustainable Tourism development, including the participation and the benefit of the local communities, with valuation and respect to the natural, cultural environments and helping to conserve natural heritage and biodiversity.



Great Wall Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is run by a three member board of directors. The name of this company Great Wall Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is derived from geographical feature of Nepal with the fact that eight highest mountains in the world on the northern part of this small country naturally stand like a Great Wall and always remain impassable.