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Thanka Painting Workshop

A Thanka is a typical asset of the Buddhist culture. In every Buddhist monastery and home one will find these colorful paintings. In Tibetan language Thanka means flat (Than) painting (Ka).

The Buddhists use these Thankas for religious purposes whereas in the west Thankas are often used as decoration. When you join this workshop you have the chance to make a small Thanka yourself, which after the workshop you can take home as a unique souvenir.

During the workshop, which will be held in a real Thanka Painting School, you will learn the basic techniques and will learn more about the history of these traditional paintings. Per four participants there is one expert teacher. Once you have a basic understanding you can start to work on your own souvenir, what you will make is up to you.

After you have chosen your subject the first and one of the most important things to do is the sketching (Kya ri). There is some room for creativity as you can freely design the background, if you want to paint a deity, or part of a deity, however this has to be done according to specific measurements as described in old scriptures.

After the sketching is complete you will start to “color” your work using the methods of wet and dry shading. Once you are done you have your own made souvenir and a special memory to your trip in Nepal.

During the workshop a locally prepared lunch will be served.



  • All Materials
  • Master Teacher
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Lunch
  • Mineral Water
  • Make and Take your own Souvenir

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Not Included:

  • Tips
  • Other Food & Beverages
  • Entrance Ticket to Bhaktapur