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Health Aid Program

There is a shortage of health professionals in Nepal. So if you possess inner desire to contribute to the improvement in the health of nation, Great Wall Nepal provides you an opportunity to work as a volunteer whether you are doctors, nurses and medical student. As a volunteer you can gain valuable experience in your expertise and learn new professional skills in a developing country.

Nepal lacks enough skilled health manpower. The number of doctors is lower than the standard of WHO. Considering this phenomenon Great Wall Nepal has launched Health Aid Program with the intention of assisting the volunteers to adjust in the field of their profession like health professionals, medical students and public health students. The program includes medical practice in health centers under the guidance of a health supervisor.

Volunteers will participate in empowering local people, helping at health centers, providing primary health care, supporting rural health workers, preparing health reports and taking classes to empower schoolchildren depending on their placement.

Volunteer opportunities are available for:

Medical Internships:

Great Wall Nepal provides you an opportunity to fulfill your desire to serve in the Developing country. To bring your dream into reality, you should consider Nepal as the best destination joining our medical internship program. You will have firsthand experience in the field of your profession.

As a volunteer you will work in the hospital under the guidance and supervision of Medical professional which enables you to gain valuable experience. You can choose the departments of your interest as per your study and experience: pathology, Surgery, emergency, O.P.D and general treatment. Your participation on any of these serves will be considered as a great contribution.

Rural Health Post Work:

There are several health problems in the rural side of Nepal .It's a pity that the locals suffering from normal diseases sometimes lose their life. So your responsibility in these areas is to assist the local staff and provide basic medical service and help the local to raise their health consciousness. We hope that you will have a great contribution in order to spread health education among the people in the rural areas by organizing various programs.

Rural Health Post Work:

We have already contacts with different organizations in Nepal which are facing the problem due to the lack of physiotherapist. If you are well qualified and experienced physiotherapist we expect you to perform your duty as Trainer. If you are students learning Physiotherapy, you can work under the guidance of experienced and qualified supervisor and gain valuable experience.

Program requirements:

  • Have no major health problem(s)
  • Eligible to obtain a tourist visa to Nepal
  • Flexible, committed, caring and adjustable
  • This program is only open for Medical Science Students/Professionals/ Health related Charity workers or Well trained/skilled/experienced on Health, Sanitation and personal hygiene

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