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Volunteering in a Deaf School

Most deaf people or those having hearing impaired do not have access to education or Sign Language training. It is therefore very difficult for deaf students to get proper education. Even at deaf school it is difficult to teach them due to the lack of curriculum.

Actually deaf students are easily motivated to learn reading and writing and equally eager to improve their skills. As a volunteer you will be together with these students up to 6 hours a day. Deaf children are particularly keen to learn English and so this is often the main role of a volunteer at the school. Based on the experience and skills, volunteers may also provide vocational training, other income generating training and introduce the use of new technology to these deaf people .So that it would be easier for them to run their lives later in the future.

This work can be very challenging because of all the different modes of communication used and learning difficulties encountered, but the staff at the school is always on hand to help you.

Program requirements:

  • No major health problems
  • Eligible to obtain a tourist visa to Nepal
  • Understanding of International Sign Language
  • Be patient, friendly and approachable
  • Willing to learn Nepali Sign Language

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