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Kathmandu Valley World Heritage Sites

Tour Details

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Day One

On the first day you will be picked up by our driver and your personal guide at your hotel. We will start the exploration of Kathmandu valley in one of the three Kingdom cities; Bhaktapur. After a one hour drive on the newly opened highway between Kathmandu and Bhaktapur we will arrive in the UNESCO World Heritage City.

Bhaktapur still has the appearance of a medieval city and it may give you an impression of what Europe may have looked like centuries ago. Bhaktapur is home to the traditional Newari culture. In Bhaktapur we will visit beautiful buildings such as the royal palace with its golden door, Nepal's highest temple, the five story high nyatapola, potters' square, where the people still make pottery in the traditional way and many, many more attractions. Bhaktapur will stimulate all your senses and will leave you with an incomparable impression.

Map of Bhaktapur Durbar Square

During our city tour we will enjoy a lunch in a restaurant where they serve more conservative food as well as traditional local dishes such as buffalo brain and tongue for the more daring gastronomes amongst us.

In the evening we will head back to Kathmandu where you will sleep in a three star hotel in Thamel. Thamel is a vivid area in which there is a large choice of restaurants, bars and souvenir shops.

Day Two

We will start the day with a drive to Kathmandu Valley's oldest temple; Changu Narayan. In this temple, examples of stone, wood and metal crafts can be seen. The temple is a symbol of the religion and faith of Kathmandu valley and plays an important religious role. The major attraction in this temple is the Vishnu image with ten heads and arms.

Map of Pashupatinath Temple

After this we will head back to Kathmandu and pay a visit to the Pashupati temple. This is a very sacred temple for Lord Shiva. Non Hindus cannot enter the temple itself, but are free to wander around on the temple grounds. Here we will see cremation ceremonies as well as the colourful priests, "Baba's". The temple premises are also inhabited by local monkeys. It is sure that this temple and the ceremonies taking place here will leave a big impression on you.

Not only is Nepal home to the Hindu religion, also Buddhism is practised by locals and expelled Tibetan priests. We will continue our tour and will visit the Buddha Stupa in the centre of Kathmandu. Here you will visit the local Tibetan community as well as you will see the Stupa with its traditional prayer rolls and well known Tibetan flags.

Day Three

Map of Kathmandu Durbar Square / Hanuman Dhoka

On the last day of our World Heritage tour we will yet visit another three UNESCO sites. We kick of the day with a visit to Patan Durbar Square. This is home to the former Patan Royal Family. Main attractions at this square include the Krishna temple with its 21 golden pinnacles, Rudra Varna Mahavihar; the Buddhist monastery which houses the local treasures and the central courtyard; Mul Chowk.

Having travelled around the valley it is now time to take a breathtaking view over Kathmandu valley from the Swayambhu Stupa. A 365 steps stairway leads to the actual temple, which was built as early as the 5th century. From the temple plateau one can see all Kathmandu valley and far beyond on a clear day. The valleys' most spectacular sites should be known to you by know.

However there is one site which still awaits your visit; Kathmandu Durbar square. Kathmandu Durbar square is the last of the three royal squares. KathmanduDownload as PDF durbar square s different from the other two durbar squares as it is in the heart of Kathmandu and surrounded by the modern era. This modern era is noticeable when at Kathmandu Durbar square, however the square has managed to keep is authenticity and manages to keep the history alive. As much as 56 historical structures can be found on this 5 acres large plaza.

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