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Ultimate Adventure Package Nepal

Tour Details

Day One - Arrival

On the first day you will be picked up by our driver and your personal guide at your Kathmandu Airport. He will introduce you to Nepal and will answer any questions you may have about this thrill-packed twelve days package. Might you arrive early in the morning, than it is possible to organise a programme during you first day. This is optional however.

Day Two - Sightseeing Kathmandu by Bicycle

After breakfast our morning excursion begins in Kathmandu valley. First we will pick up the mountain bike and helmet. After making sure that the bike fits you wel we will leave for our first stop, Swayambhunath first. This monastery/temple has an incomparable atmosphere. It is situated amid a beautiful natural scenario on the top of the hill surrounded by several other hills. The whole Kathmandu can be viewed quite clearly from the top of the hill.

Nepal Road Map

After that you cycle to Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple, and Boudhhanath Stupa. The reason behind choosing these places is that the visitors will have a good impression about the Nepalese arts, culture and their daily life.

In Pashupatinath temple the visitors will observe different ceremonies and the ways of worshipping. The most interesting scene here is the cremation place on the edge of the river and next to the temple. The visitors can see how the funeral takes place according to Hindu Culture.

Kathmandu Durbar square provides the visitor with great Newari architecture. The durbar square is a place of living history in the heart of modernising Kathmandu.

The last place we will visit is Bauddhanath Stupa, here you get to see the Tibetan Community and a traditional Buddhist temple Complex. In the evening we will head back to Thamel, where you will overnight.

Day Three - Mountainflight and Sightseeing Bhaktapur & Changu Narayan

On this day, you will enjoy the most exotic moment of the Everest View Mountain flight . The flight takes you deep into the Himalayans that you can see the stunning beauty of Nature. After this one hour flight you will be ready to start the exploration of Kathmandu valley in one of the three Kingdom cities; Bhaktapur. After a one hour drive on the newly opened highway between Kathmandu and Bhaktapur we will arrive in the UNESCO World Heritage City.

Bhaktapur still has the appearance of a medieval city and it may give you an impression of what Europe may have looked like centuries ago. Bhaktapur is home to the traditional Newari culture. In Bhaktapur we will visit beautiful buildings such as the royal palace with its golden door, Nepal's highest temple, the five story high nyatapola, potters' square, where the people still make pottery in the traditional way and many, many more attractions. Bhaktapur will stimulate all your senses and will leave you with an incomparable impression.

After visiting Bhaktapur we will drive to to Kathmandu Valley's oldest temple; Changu Narayan. In this temple, examples of stone, wood and metal crafts can be seen. The temple is a symbol of the religion and faith of Kathmandu valley and plays an important religious role. The major attraction in this temple is the Vishnu image with ten heads and arms. Tonight we will overnight in Changu Narayan.

Day Four - Hike to Nagarkot

After breakfast we will start our Hike to Nagarkot. In total we will be on the way for about 5 - 6 hours. As Nagarkot is located on a hilltop we will be mainly going uphill. On the way we have a great chance to see the local rural life. To keep our internal selves happy a packed lunch is provided.

Day Five - Sunrise view and Downhill Biking

You will be woken up early in the morning before breakfast to view the breathtaking sunrise. After that we will proceed to the hotel for breakfast and prepare for a our down hill ride. The bikes will be waiting for us after breakfast and after putting our helmets on, we are ready to hit the road. From Nagarkot we take the quite road down to Nala. The first part is unpaved, so although the views are stunning, we have to focus on the road. Once we reach Nala the road is paved and we can enjoy the village life on the way. Before we reach Bhaktapur we pass by at quite some brick factories. Here we can take a break for some pictures. Once we reach Bhaktapur our car and driver will be waiting to bring you further to Kodari, where an exciting day awaits us tomorrow…

Day Six - Bungee Jump and Canyon Swing

After enjoying breakfast and chilling in the resort it is time to gear up and get ready for a shot of adrenaline. Today we will jump from one of the world's highest bungee platforms. The jump, with an altitude of 160m, was designed by one of New Zealand 's leading bungy consultants, and is operated by some of the most experienced jump masters in the business. So get ready and jump! When the adrenaline is cleared and we had Lunch it is time for your next dose of adrenaline: Canyon Swinging. When left loose you wil swing through the canyon with a speed of up to 150 kilometres per hour.. After your adventurous activities we will move to Dhulikhel where you will stay overnight.

Day Seven - Rafting and transfer to Pokhara

After breakfast we will commence our trip to Pokhara. You will have a scenic mountainside drive of approximately 5 till 6 hours. After three hours we will get out of the car and step aboard our raft. For the next three hours we will enjoy the splashing water and rapids of the Trishuli River. During rafting we will have lunch. This night we will stay in Pokhara.

Day Eight - Sarangkot & Paragliding

After an early breakfast our journey continues with a valley sightseeing tour by private vehicle to the Sarangkot, the most spectacular sight in Pokhara. Especially in the early morning the views are breathtaking. You can see the exotic natural scenarios of eight majestic mountains right in front of your nose. Everyone in Pokhara wakes up early to greet the mountains during sunrise. The reflection of sunlight from a mountain is always a breathtaking site. You will never forget the sight of the fishtail mountain standing right before your eyes saying "Good Morning".

A bit later our next thrill packed activity will begin: Paragliding. As this may be your first flight, the flight is offered as a duo flight, which means that you will be attached to a qualified pilot who will guide you safely down. During your trip down your share the experience with eagles whilst you float over several villages, monasteries and temples. In the meanwhile don't forget to look around and try to spot Mount Annapurna.

Day Nine - Chitwan National Park

After breakfast in our hotel in Pokhara we will depart and start our trip to Chitwan. This will take us approximately 4 hours. Upon arrival in Chitwan there will be a short briefing on the programme and facilities. After check in and lunch in the hotel we will start our programme in Chitwan with an Elephant-back safari into the Chitwan National Park: Guests will ride on an elephant to explore the jungle and wildlife. With some luck you will be able to see the one-horned rhinoceros, several types of deer, monkeys, wild boar, bison, sloth bear, leopard and, if you are very lucky you might even spot the Royal Bengal Tiger. This exciting ride lasts for 2-3 hours. After this impressive safari we will head back to our hotel in Chitwan where another tasty Nepalese dinner is served.

Day Ten - Full Day Jungle Trek in Chitwan National Park

After breakfast we will proceed for a Dugout canoe trip inside the National Park. Floating down the Rapti River by dugout canoe is the best way to discover the habitat of crocodiles on the riverbanks. It is also a relaxing and better way to watch the different kind of birds and wildlife species when they come to the bank of the river to drink water. After our canoe trip we will get ashore onto the banks of the Rapti River and will start our Jungle Trek. This will provide you with the ideal situation of viewing the wild animals very close. Your guide will also help you to spot and identify the different varieties animals and birds, both local and migratory, that are found in Nepal. The walk lasts for 6 to 7 hours. In the evening you will enjoy Tharu Dance, a typical cultural dance from Terai. Overnight in Chitwan.

Day Eleven - Transfer to Kathmandu

After breakfast we will drive back to Kathmandu. The way to Kathmandu has exotic scenes with the series of hills on the way. Although it's only 120 kilometres in distance, the ride will still take around 6 hours. On the way you will have breathtaking views of the Trishuli River. The river flows in between the hills and we'll on a wide road at the edge of the river. During your ride the hills appear with their tinned roof houses glistering far away on the top which will lure the visitors. The bus will stop in Malekhu, the local market. After a 6 hours drive, crossing all hills and curving ways, the ride will end in the valley and completely differ from Chitwan.

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After arriving in Kathmandu you will have free time for shopping or do as you wish. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day Twelve - Drive to Airport and Departure.

Today we will drop you at the airport three hours prior to your international flight departure.

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