Great Wall Nepal Pvt. Ltd. - Palpa-Tansen


Tansen-Palpa is located 125Km from Pokhara, on the way to Lumbini at a height of 1731m above the sea level and it is one of the most renowned summer resorts of western Nepal.It is famous for its traditional villages and culture and scenic mountain views. Situated on the way from Pokhara to Lumbini, some stop here just for lunch but an overnight is recommendable.
Some important places to see in Palpa and Tansen are:

Shree Nagar Hill view point

Amar Narayan Temple

Tansen Durbar(Palace)

Shitalpati(The Round House)

Bhagawati Temple(goddess temple)

Amar Jung Ganesh(Elephant headed god)

Anand Vihar Shrine

Mahachaitya Vihar shrine

Parvas Lake