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Paragliding in Nepal

Another exciting activity which is due to Nepalís mountainess landscape often undertaken is Paragliding. Paragliding is a thrilling way to get acquainted with the true beauty of the Sarankot region. The Sarangkot is a 1592 meter high peak within a one hour distance driving of Pokhara. From Sarangkot one has an excellent view Fewa lake and the Himalayas. One glides down from the top of the Sarangkot and lands next to lake Fewa. During your trip down your share the experience with griffins and eagles whilst you float over several villages, monasteries and temples. In the meanwhile donít forget to look around and try to spot Mount Annapurna.

As this may be your first flight, the flight is offered as a duo flight, which means that you will be attached to a qualified pilot who will guide you safely down. In case you get caught by this thrilling sport it is possible to take some lessons and eventually make your way down all by yourself.
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